Looking for a challenge as a vet in the Netherlands?

The village of Wijnandsrade in the rural community of Nuth in South Limburg is home to a veterinary practice in a setting that offers a unique opportunity for the next step in your career as a vet.

This small animal practice has a solid reputation. The patient waiting list is growing and the senior vet has had to refer more and more new patients to other practices. The adjacent equine AI station is also in considerable demand, along with equine medical consultations, in part because Nuth has one of the largest populations of horses in the Netherlands.

There are 30 horse stalls on the premises, a fine indoor riding paddock and spacious pastures – in short, plenty of opportunities for a vet who would like to develop and run his or her own independent practice.

A Senior Supervising Veterinarian will work with you and help you run the practice for a period of time. There is a pleasant flat available next door to the practice. At a later point, you will have the option of acquiring the veterinary practice on extremely favourable financial terms.

Are you up to speed with developments in your field and able to apply them in your daily work? Are you a good team player and eager to improve your competences and skills? And can you look beyond the everyday and focus on the bigger picture? Then this may be the perfect place for you. For more information, contact

Veterinary Physician Sonja Hagenbeck

Tel: 045-5650532
E-mail: info@hagenbeck-stables.nl